Sunday, November 16

Boy, Gini knows just how to cheer me up. We looked at the BCBS 2004 Schedule together, and she was very supportive of my attending retreats February, March, April (Leigh) and May! What an amazing woman she is!

Here's the what:
February 6-8, Ajahn Thanissaro, Questioning the Three Characteristics

March 14-21, Andy Olendzki and Annie Nugent, Bhavana Program: The Noble Path of the Householder

April 9-18, Leigh Brasington, Satipatthana and Jhana (of course)

May 9-14 Andy Olendzki, Essentials of Buddhist Psychology, followed IMMEDIATELY by

May 15 - 22, Andy & Taraniya, Bhavana Program, Empty of Self.

All that and to boot: it looks like the monthlong at Cloud Mountain in August is really do-able. Gini's researched the plane ticket prices, and more importantly, her mom is REALLY keen on having her come for such a long visit. Can I get a triple exclamation point? !!!

Wanna cheer Bri up? Send him on retreat. ;-)

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