Wednesday, November 5

As I suspected, I enjoyed "The Matrix Reloaded" more on second viewing. The only bummer: as she was when we first watched in the theater last May, Gini was really freaked out by the Freeway Chase Scene. It's understandable, certainly. But this time, it didn't bother me; it was just images and sounds.


The past couple of days, I've been thinking along these lines: there are two reasons I don't talk much. One, it is as if I have been mirandized, so I'm acutely cognizant that anything I say can be used against me. B, I tend to think in paragraphs, but most of the people in my life don't let me get out more than one sentence before they start responding. Saying, "Wait, let me finish!" would be tiresome in the extreme. Some people don't even listen to the whole first sentence; you can see it in their eyes that they've stopped listening and their mind is fully engaged by what they're going to say. Remember that old song by Missing Persons? "What are words for / when no one listens anymore? When no one listens / there's no use talking at all. Do you hear me? Do you care?" The lead singer of Missing Persons was a former Playboy playmate, if I'm recalling correctly, and the drummer used to be the drummer for Frank Zappa.

Chris is the sole exception to the above. She actually listens for more than a sentence. But hey, that's her gig. Kind of sad when the only person who listens attentively is the one who is paid to do so.


Scene: Prestwick Chase, a retirement community in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Dramatis Personae:
Brian Kelley: your blushing blogger, aged 36 at the time of this writing. Theravada Buddhist, meditator, movie-lover, caregiver for his wife.
Gini Conard: his wife, disabled as a result of two motor vehicle accidents, one on December 17, 1998, the second on December 17, 2002... I know, isn't that weird?
Mom: his mom.
Gini's mom: Gini's mom.
Sally Bloom: A new friend who lives at Prestwick Chase.
Laura Sterling: An old friend.
Chris Celmer: our therapist.

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